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Whatever your ability or available time, we have ways for you to get involved.


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sign our petition

We'll be delivering this by the end of the NY State legislative session this June. 

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It’s time for the NY election process to join the 21st century. I demand #EasyElectionsNY @EasyElectionsNY
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CALL script 
EMAIL OR WRITE sample letter
FAX directly frOm your phone

* Our call script includes follow-up questions to demand your rep do more than just talk.

Find the contact info for your State Senator & Assembly Member here

Governor Cuomo
NYS Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224
Phone: 518-474-1041 (press 2)
Fax: 518-474-1513
Email Governor Cuomo

Elections are the lifeblood of our democracy and it should be easy for New Yorkers to register & vote. It’s ridiculous that NY doesn’t have Early Voting, Automatic Voter Registration, Electronic Poll Books, that you have to change your party registration six months before a primary, and that parolees can’t vote. Supporting a bill is not the same thing as passing a law. Will [Rep’s Name] advocate for passage of Easy Elections laws this year?




We've made our Community Events Calendar for our coalition partners and all New Yorkers to create and share events and actions in support of Easy Elections in NY. Check it out and join one!


As a constituent, you can drop into the district office any time to talk to your Representative's staff. 

  • Ask to speak to the District Director about election reform.
  • Identify yourself as a constituent.
  • Prepare your personal story about why you think election reform is important, and how it will affect you, your family and your community. 
  • Ask what your rep's positions are on our 5 Easy Elections NY reforms, and if they will be actively working to pass meaningful election reform this year. If the aide doesn't have an answer, ask them to follow up with you by email or phone, or let them know you'll be back for the answer. 

Leave behind our one-sheet with our Easy Elections NY reform suggestions. 


Check your representative's website or call to see when they'll be at events such as a local lunch, ribbon cutting, high school graduation, memorial, etc. Know what they look like. Have 1 to 2 polite questions prepared to ask about Easy Elections reforms in NY. 

  • "Which of the 5 essential Easy Elections NY reforms do you support?"
  • "Which do you think has the chance to pass this year?"
  • "Will you actively work to ensure this becomes law, not just a one house bill?"

If you're trying to embarrass them, take video, but if you really want to try to persuade them, don't. Be prepared to talk to the press about your concerns. And always share on social media #EasyElectionsNY @EasyElectionsNY.

Write a letter to the editor or op-ed

Every legislative office has interns who are assigned to go through really local papers looking for the representative's name. These papers - free weeklies, neighborhood papers, etc - are generally happy to receive submissions. They're a great place to inform your friends and neighbors about Easy Elections NY, and to get a message across to your representative that people in their district care about election reform.

Use our sample opinion piece or letter to the editor, but remember that the most persuasive argument is always the one you make in your own words, talking about your own experience. Whatever you write, the point is to get something published at the most local level. 

Host an action party

Invite friends over to your living room, backyard or neighborhood bar for an action party. Here's an action party guide to help you plan. Get snacks, prepare a playlist and have a great time!

  • Draft a sample letter or phone script in advance, and find the address and phone number of your rep.
  • If you're hosting a letter writing party, gather paper, envelopes, postcards, pens, markers and stamps.
  • When your friends come over, share what you've learned about NY election reform or browse our website together.
  • Get a bell and have people ring it when they finish each letter.
  • When you finish, write to friends in NY and tell them about Easy Elections.

Make your calls, write your postcards, send some art, and make sure to share images and stories on social media tagging us, your rep and #EasyElectionsNY.


The NY Assembly has already passed numerous bills expanding voting access, but they don't pass the State Senate. The IDC, a group of Democratic Senators voting with Republicans, has been instrumental in blocking progressive reforms.

Use this sample letter to friends in IDC districts - from upstate to Long Island to NYC - and ask them to speak to their reps about this important issue that all parties should agree on. 



Lobby your rep

Your reps are lobbied all the time by business interests, unions, and nonprofits, but you're the person they work for, and the person who decides if they get to keep their job. So get a couple of friends together and go pay your rep a visit. 

Tell them that you want to see Easy Elections laws passed this year.

We've prepared a lobby guide that includes tips for scheduling a meeting and lobbying your rep, and a pre- and post-meeting checklist.


No one knows your community like you do, so you're the best person to bring them into this conversation! Carry our informational one sheet with you to pass out, try tabling at a local event, have people sign our petition or write a letter. The more voices your rep hears from in their district, the more likely we are to get Easy Elections reforms this year. 

Host a town hall

Are you a part of an action group, religious congregation, school or community organization that would benefit from a visit from your Rep? You can host a town hall! This town hall guide includes a checklist and sample agenda to get your planning started.

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