Petition to the Speaker of Assembly Carl E. Heastie, Senate President Pro Tempore John J. Flanagan, and Governor Andrew M. Cuomo,

The citizens of New York State demand that you finally pass long overdue Easy Elections reform measures to make registering and voting easier for all New Yorkers.

Elections are the lifeblood of our democracy and it should be easy for New Yorkers to register and vote. We're embarrassed that New York ranks 41 of 50 states in voter participation; this is a non-partisan issue that will give more New Yorker's a voice in their government.

We demand :

  • Early Voting
  • Automatic Voter Registration
  • Electronic Poll Books
  • Moving the date for changing your party registration closer to election day
  • Restoring parolee voting rights

It’s past time for New York to catch up with the majority of the country and modernize our elections. We demand that you pass Easy Elections laws and make voting accessible to all New Yorkers. 


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