We are not leading the action, we are empowering you to take action! 
Use our resources to create events and actions to strengthen New York's fight for Election Reforms. Please submit your meetings, calls to action, rallies, town halls, phone banking, thunder-clapping, and other events in support of Easy Elections in New York so we can share it with other New Yorkers. 

Thank you for getting involved and helping with the fight for Easy Elections in New York!

Please feel free to take all actions every day, but keep in mind the emphasis we will place during these coming weeks, and try to participate in each push & check out our action of the week.

May 1 - May 15
educational campaign >>> write op-eds & letters to the editor to your local papers, write friends, share on social media.

May 15 - June 8 
emphasis on in-district actions >>> visit or lobby your rep, host or attend town halls, host or attend public events of any size.

June 8 - June 21
emphasis on contacting your legislative leaders >>> call, write, tweet, message, call them out publicly. put the pressure on.