This is scary!!

This year, October 13 – Friday the 13th  – is the last day to change your party registration if you want to vote in next year’s primaries.


That is just plain nuts!  No one but political junkies (who are you looking at–me?) are thinking about next year’s primary elections before Halloween this year.


Call your State Senator and your State Assemblymember and tell them no more frightening deadlines – it’s time to shorten the deadline to change your party registration.



New York State has closed primaries, which means if you want to vote in a party primary you have to be enrolled in that party before the date of the primary. But even more complicated, New York requires voters who want to change their party enrollment in order to vote in a primary to do so 25 days before the general election of the year before the primary they plan to vote in. This is the earliest deadline to change party enrollment anywhere in the country by a longshot.  This requirement enraged thousands of New York voters who wanted to vote in either the Democratic or Republican presidential primary in 2016, many of whom went to vote in the primary and were turned away.  Many of them called their state legislators to complain.  A bill to move the deadline to 90 days (shorter – but still too long) before the primary was introduced but went nowhere in the Legislature.  We need to hold our legislators’ feet to the fire. This frightening deadline must be changed.