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Oct 13, 2017: Registration Deadline to Vote in 2018 Primary


Do you want to vote in the 2018 primary? 

You have to register or change your party by October 13! 

To vote next year. Yeah we know, it’s crazy. But until we change the law it’s what we’ve got. So register, spread the word, tell everyone you know. 



3. SPREAD THE WORD by tagging your friends in this FB post and sharing via social media, email and text. 

Tomorrow is Primary Elections Day!

Tomorrow, September 12, is a big Election Day in New York! In NY, where we have closed primaries that lean heavily toward one party, the primary election often determines who takes office and can be more important than a general election - yet only 8% of eligible voters cast ballots in last year's state and local primaries. So we need to make sure all New Yorkers get out & vote tomorrow!**


Our friends at Brooklyn Voters Alliance have a Do It Yourself plan to help New Yorkers Get Out the Vote: "The Power of 3!"

Step 1: Talk to 3 friends about why voting is important to you & ask them to commit to vote on Tuesday, September 12th. 

Step 2: Check in with those 3 friends today and make sure they're prepared.

Step 3: Call your friends on Election Day and congratulate them for voting and making their voices heard!

Let's do this, New York!

**If you or your friends aren't currently registered with a party that holds primaries in NY, you can't vote in this year's primary :( Make sure you change your party affiliation by October 13, 2017 so you can vote in 2018 primaries . . . and help Easy Elections NY convince Governor Cuomo and Albany to change this ridiculously early deadline!

Voting has never been more important than it is right now.

Whether it's the threat of voter purges coming from the Trump administration, or racial terror being unleashed in Charlottesville -- make no mistake, your vote matters now more than ever. But before you can vote, you need to register.

TOMORROW - Friday, August 18th - is the last day to register to vote in NYS primaries.

Once you've made sure you're registered, check with your friends, family members, co-workers, & neighbors to make sure they are too. We've included an image you can share on social media.

NY has the 4th lowest rate of registered voters in the US at just 59%. Passing Automatic Voter Registration and other pro-voter laws could help bring NY to the top, and EasyElectionsNY is fighting for those reforms.

In the meantime, it's up to all of us New Yorkers to get registered and get everyone we know registered to vote.


  • Turbo Vote will send you election reminders via text or email, and can even help you register to vote and request an absentee ballot.
  • Rock The Vote will send you text & email election reminders.
  • If you live in NYC, Generation Vote NYC will send you election reminders as well as other important voter info like voter guides, upcoming candidate forums, phone banking opportunities & voter registration drives.

NY gave your personal voting info to Trump...

Remember when Cuomo promised not to release your voting information to 45 and Kris Kobach? Well, no surprise, he was all talk and no action -- AGAIN. 

In fact, Cuomo never had the authority to guarantee that he would protect our voting rolls -- they're the responsibility of the NY State Board of Elections. And August 2 they handed over all of our personal voting info to the man who has made it his life's work to suppress voting from coast to coast. 

...but we won’t suppress our own votes!

The goal of the Pence-Kobach Commission is to keep people from voting. If they can do that by improperly removing people from the voter rolls, they win. If they can scare you into withdrawing your name from the voter rolls – they win big time, because they don’t have to do anything more to suppress your vote.

Don’t give them the satisfaction! Your goal is to get registered, stay registered, and VOTE – and get your family and friends registered and voting, too!

Ask the BOE & Cuomo to hold a joint town hall to explain why they made this decision and what happens next to our information. New Yorkers are angry, scared and confused; we deserve to ask our questions and have them answered. 
1. Call the NY State Board of Elections - (518) 474-1953
Tell them you're deeply concerned that they made this decision without warning and provided our personal information to a group set up to intimidate & suppress voters.
2. Call Governor Cuomo - (518) 474-8390 (press 2)
Tell him you feel betrayed that he said he'd protect NY voters and our freedom to vote from this sham commission, and didn't or couldn't.
3. Stand strong in the face of oppression: get registered, stay registered, and VOTE!

Protect Our Right to Vote

The 45 administration and Kris Kobach have undertaken the most dangerous step toward massive voter suppression we’ve seen yet. Kobach is famous for his voter suppression efforts which helped purge 200,000 voters from the rolls in Wisconsin alone, ensuring Trump’s win. 

On Wednesday, 45’s "Election Integrity” commission sent a disturbing request for each state in the nation to hand over vast amounts of sensitive voter data, using an insecure server nonetheless. Read it here

Read our press release, and read this statement in response to understand why some states have begun refusing the request. Governor Cuomo has made a statement that NY won't comply with the request. Call to thank him, and then call the Board of Elections who actually controls the voter rolls and needs to make a statement as well.

Make no bones about it; this is the federal government hatching a 50 state voter suppression scheme. Take action now, or regret it forever. 

1. Call the NY State Board of Elections - (518) 474-6220
As we prepare for the 241st Independence Day, I am, calling as a NY Voter, to insist that the Board of Elections safeguard my personal information and not turn over voter information to the federal Kobach-Pence Commission.  That Commission, premised on the lie of rampant illegal voting, is nothing more than a partisan attempt to manipulate our voting processes to make it harder for eligible Americans to vote. There are already too many barriers for eligible voters in New York.

2. Call Governor Cuomo - (518) 474-8390 (press 2)
My name is [  ] and I'm a NY voter. As we prepare for the 241st Independence Day, I am glad that Governor Cuomo did the right thing and refused to turn over our voter rolls to the federal Kobach-Pence Commission. There are already too many barriers for eligible voters in NY. I want the Governor to effectively help remove those barriers by getting early voting, automatic voter registration and electronic poll books for NY, in addition to his helping prevent the federal commission making voting even harder.

3. Share with friends in other states. They can check all state responses, then call their own Governor and the organization in charge of elections in their state to ensure their state joins in protecting our right to vote.


This is a moment that will change history. A moment that we must not let slide quietly by, or we will look back in 20 years and realize where we failed to protect our democracy. Please take this week to reflect - and take action - on the meaning of July 4th, and protect our independence and most valuable right - our right to vote. 


This is it. Today the Senate votes on a year's worth of bills, and will continue late into the night - or through dawn - until they finish. We need to let them know we're watching!

When the session goes late, there are a bunch of bleary-eyed reporters stuck tweeting to keep awake. If you tweet at them, it will be noticed. We must send a clear message: We Are Watching and We Are Not Going Away. 

Easy Elections advocates, we need you stay up late (or schedule tweets) to watch the live Session broadcast, and weigh in on social media to tell senators #WeAreWatching #MoveVotingBills. 




Key Senate Rules Committee Members:

Majority Leader Flanagan SD2 @LeaderFlanagan

DeFrancisco SD50 @JohnDeFrancisco

Lavalle SD1 ‏ @senatorlavalle

Seward SD51

Marcellino SD5 @Senator98

Robach SD56 @SenatorRobach

Bonacic SD42 @JohnBonacic

Little SD45

Ranzenhofer SD61

Carlucci SD38 @davidcarlucci

Valesky SD53 @SenValesky

1. WATCH the live broadcast at

2. ALL NIGHT LONG! Tweet at and post to Facebook tagging target reps (see our target list below). Starting now and going through dawn! Make sure to use our hashtags so the press can find you. #WeAreWatching #MoveVotingBills
Compose your own, or click to tweet:
and include these memes and images

3. CAN'T STAY UP LATE? Schedule tweets at irregular intervals through the night.

Some background info:

Having spent most of the last few months not doing much of anything, the NY Legislature tries to cram passing hundreds of bills into its last day or 2 of session, pretending that the last day (scheduled to be Wednesday, June 21) doesn't end at midnight, but just continues on until 4, 5, or 6 the next morning. Often, the most important bills are negotiated together, in one big horse-trading deal known as a "Big Ugly". So, the NY Senate is set for another all-nighter tonight, trying to cram as many bills through as they can. We are all watching to see if this year's Big Ugly includes the much-requested election reform: early voting and electronic poll books. New Yorkers demand that the Senate pass these common-sense reform measures. We don't want the NY Senators to go home without respecting our demand for voting rights!

Together, we've places hundred of calls, thousands of emails, and reached over 4 MILLION people on twitter. We've prompted Mayor DeBlasio to take up our fight, and tomorrow we have an emergency strategy phone meeting with Governor Cuomo's chief council. We have one more day to drive this home. KEEP IT UP!!!!! 

1. CALL FLANAGAN at 518-455-2071 (or with one click

2. CALL CUOMO at 518-474-8390, press 2 for a human (or with one click

3. CONTINUE TAKING ACTION ONLINE at our automatic action page. 

Call Majority Leader Flanagan

Hi, my name is [    ]. I am calling Senator Flanagan because New Yorkers deserve to know where their senators stand on bringing New York’s elections into the 21st century. It is urgent that the Early Voting bill (S2950) and ePollbook bill (S2788) – unamended – get a floor vote this session. I urge Senator Flanagan to move these bills to the floor.

Call Governor Cuomo
518-474-8390 (press 2)

Hello, my name is [   ] and I am a New Yorker who is angry that the way we run our elections in New York is behind other states. Two bills that would help bring New York’s elections into the 21st century – S2950 (early voting) and S2788 (ePollbooks) – have passed the Assembly but are stuck in the senate.  I am calling to urge Governor Cuomo to get involved and help us get a vote for these 2 bills, without amendment, in the Senate.  New Yorkers rely on Governor Cuomo to push our dysfunctional Legislature to do the right thing.

Call your state senator 
518-455-2800 (give your zip code)

Hi, my name is [    ] and I’m your constituent from [zip code]. I am calling the Senator because it’s urgent that the Early Voting bill (S2950) and ePollbook bill (S2788) – unamended – get a floor vote this session. I urge the Senator to pressure the Rules Committee to move these bills to the floor for a vote, and then I urge the Senator to vote yes on them. Thank you.

Want to do more?

Use this one-click tool to send 7 targeted tweets, 7 emails and Facebook posts to the reps who stand in the way.

Last Push

Tuesday's Albany day was a huge success, we made a lot of noise, ran obstacle courses with our State Senators and Assemblymembers who are fighting for Voting Rights, heard a lot of personal stories, and met with our reps to lobby them in support of voting rights bills. 

People are listening! Mayor DeBlasio told 15,000 people on his tele-town hall last night to visit and take action! We are building momentum, but we only have 6 days left. 

Continue calling, continue tweeting, continue spreading the word, and prepare yourself for a state-wide call in day on Monday to hit this out of the park!

Write a letter to the editor or op-ed to your local weekly NOW about the gathering momentum and the need for election reform and voting rights laws to be passed this week. If you can, please include these photos -- the ones of our State Senators and Assemblymembers doing our “Obstacle (To Voting) Course” are amazing! Here’s a sample letter you can work off of. If we can get these printed and posted in this weekend’s papers we can exponentially increase our pressure during Monday’s call-in day.

Tuesday's Albany Rally was a huge success, thank you all for coming together and spreading the word!!!!!!!

We have press asking for images and video, if you have any to share please put them in this public folder, if you want to be credited make sure you have your name in the image title or make a folder with your name for your images. Please make sure to only upload images that are pre-selected, not everything you took yesterday, so it doesn’t become overloaded.

Please also feel free to use any images from the folders to share far and wide. Please tweet, post, share and tag @EasyElectionsNY #EasyElectionsNY, plus tag any local press or reps. We also have great Facebook live footage from the entire day on our Facebook page

We have 7 days left to pass these bills, please make noise, spread the word, get your people take these easy automated actions and also to call the key players (see action below) and tell them to move the bill!

Support the Albany rally for Voting Reform!

Couldn’t make it to Albany? It’s almost as if it would be nice to have an “early” or “absentee” way of expressing your voice, LOL. 
Don’t worry, while we’re at the Capitol fighting to make that a reality in NY elections, you can do the same from your home or office.

1. Call call call: Find key players who are holding up the bills in our infographic, and call 518-455-2800 to reach your own State Senator. 

"Elections are the lifeblood of our democracy and it should be easy for New Yorkers to register & vote. It’s ridiculous that NY doesn’t have Early Voting, Automatic Voter Registration, Electronic Poll Books, that you have to change your party registration six months before a primary, and that citizens on parole can’t vote. Supporting a bill is not the same thing as passing a law. I want you to do everything in your power to move Senate bills S2950 Early voting and S2788 Electronic poll books to the floor for a vote, and then vote yes! This week!"

2. Follow us on twitter and Facebook and re-share our photos and updates throughout the day.

3. Share your own “New York Needs Election Reform because:" selfie on social media and tell your friends why it’s important to YOU.

4. Email, tweet and text Governor Cuomo and key reps. Women's March created this automatic action page to blast key decision makers with our #EasyElectionsNY demands. Or you can click to tweet:


We have meetings set up with a number of NYS reps. It's the constituent's voices who are heard the loudest, so please consider joining a meeting. If you want to meet with a rep during tomorrow’s lobby visits, reply to this email with your rep's name.

Albany Rally Flier.jpg

We have meetings with:

  • Senator Fred Akshar
  • Senator Marisol Alcantara
  • Senator John Bonacic
  • Senator Phil Boyle
  • Senator David Carlucci
  • Senator John DeFrancisco
  • Senator Simcha Felder
  • Senator John Flanagan
  • Senator Michael Gianaris
  • Senator Jesse Hamilton
  • Senator Jeffrey Klein
  • Senator Thomas O'Mara
  • Senator Jose Peralta
  • Senator David Valesky
  • Assemblymember Robert Carroll

We are looking for constituents to attend the meetings with Senators Klein, Savino, Carlucci and Hamilton, please email if you can attend.

Your rep isn't listed?
Reply to this email with your reps name and we'll try to arrange a meeting. Or feel free to reach out to them directly at 518-455-2800 to make an appointment, then let us know and we’ll find other constituents to join you (and send a seasoned activist with you to help if you need it).

Don’t Miss Our OBSTACLE (TO VOTING) COURSE at Tuesday’s Rally!

The Albany team has been hard at work making this amazing obstacle course for our big event at Tuesday’s rally, and we have multiple reps signed up to compete in it. Make sure you get a chance to compete and win your right to vote on Tuesday at 11:30!

Obstacle course 3.jpg

Tweet Storm #2

Our last tweet storm reached 200,000 people, let’s replicate that and send thousands of people to our Albany Rally & Day of Action on Tuesday!

No matter what you Tweet for voting reform, use the hashtag #EasyElectionsNY!

Time for 21st century elections: Early Voting & Electronic Poll Books. Albany Day of Action, 6/13, #EasyElectionsNY

Get on the bus! #EasyElectionsNY Albany Day of Action, June 13. Obstacle (to Voting) Course! Rally! Sign up now

Early Voting & Electronic Poll Book bills deserve a Senate Vote! #EasyElectionsNY Albany Day of Action, June 13.

Can’t join the #EasyElectionsNY Albany Day of Action, June 13? No worries. Take action:

Or click to Tweet:

Join us at our craftathon to create our amazing OBSTACLE (TO VOTING) COURSE. We also need your old cardboard boxes. Respond to this email to connect.
TODAY from 12 - 2 pm
Citizen Action of New York
94 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12206

Help Us Spread the Word!

Please help us spread the word for Tuesday’s event, FOMO is a real thing, and if it looks well attended, it will be well attended. 
We have hundreds of people confirmed already but not enough clicking “going” on Facebook. Do it now:

  1. RSVP on our Facebook event page.
  2. Share the event on your timeline and tell people why you’re excited for it.
  3. “Invite" 10 friends personally using the link on the Facebook event page. This works 100x better than simply sharing it.
  4. Text 5 friends personally who you think might be interested.
  5. Print out this flier and pass it out all weekend!

Can’t attend yourself?

  1. Click "maybe” on the Facebook event page even if you can’t attend, it will help us gain traction.
  2. to 5. Same as above.

We need volunteers to help create our amazing OBSTACLE (TO VOTING) COURSE Saturday from 12 - 2 pm at the Citizen Action office. We also need your old cardboard boxes. Email to connect.

Wanna know what a real win feels like?

We’ve all been fighting uphill battles since November, here’s your chance to stand up, demand change, and see it become a reality.

On his TeleTown Hall last night, NYC Mayor DeBlasio told us what we know to be true: NY is closer than ever to passing Easy Elections laws - it’s public pressure that's gotten us this far, and it's public pressure that will push it over the top!

And he gave everyone on the phone the following homework:
1. Attend OUR rally and action day in Albany this Tuesday June 13
2. Call call call: 518-455-2800 (use our script)
3. Spread the word: for real, like wildfire. HERE.  

“If we can make our senators feel the gathering momentum on this issue, we have a real chance of passing this and bringing millions more people into the democratic process."

Volunteer to help create our amazing OBSTACLE (TO VOTING) COURSE this Saturday at noon at the Citizen Action office. We also need your old cardboard boxes. Send and email to to connect for the event.

Bonus surprise for June 7: NYC Mayor DeBlasio TeleTown Hall on Electoral Reform

Citizens Union invites you to Join New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio today, Wednesday, June 7 at 6:00 p.m. For A Live Telephone Town Hall On Electoral Reform in Albany. The mayor will be discussing his support to make voting more accessible for New Yorkers and he will be taking your questions live during the event.

1. To join the call, dial (646) 693-4665 at 6pm
2. Share the Facebook event


Rally for Voting Rights.jpg

How can we take back the House if we can't vote? We have 14 days left to pass progressive NY voting laws in time to affect the 2018 elections, we're making progress, and everything we've been doing has been leading up to this:

JOIN US IN ALBANY ON JUNE 13 to Rally For Voting Rights, a statewide coalition Day Of Action.

11:30am at West Capitol Park: Obstacle (To Voting) Course
12pm at West Capitol Park: Rally
1-3pm inside the NYS Capitol and Legislative Office Building: Lobby visits & creative actions to disrupt business as usual


• Register for a bus from NYC or Westchester (7am-7pm)
• Register for a carpool
• Meet us there

• Double your impact and share the joy: get a friend to join you!
• Share it on Facebook

• Spread the word and invite friends
• Make calls or write letters from home, take action now, catch up on our daily actions to date on this page, and share our memes and toolkits.

Collect Petition Signatures

We've been collecting signatures on our petition and delivered 1,651 signatures to Governor Cuomo on June 6. We'll deliver more to our reps in Albany on Tuesday, June 13. Please help us collect more signatures and join us for both events!


1. Sign our petition if you haven't yet!

2. Get 5 friends to sign. Forward the link to friends, share on social media, bookmark the link and get friends to do it right on your phone! Let's multiply our signatures and turn in a big stack on Tuesday!

Call our leaders

We have huge momentum, but only days left to pass these laws, and they're stuck in the Senate Rules Committee. We reached nearly 200,000 people through our May 31 twitter storm, it still makes an impact - let's use that energy to generate a storm of phone calls between now and June 21!

Call Governor Cuomo, your State Senator, and these four key players and ask them to MOVE S2950 Early Voting and S2788 Electronic Poll Books TO THE SENATE FLOORS FOR A VOTE!


1. MAKE THESE 6 CALLS (or at least one of them)
• Governor Cuomo - 518-474-1041 (press 2)
• Majority Leader Flanagan - 518-455-2071
• Rules Vice Chair DeFrancisco - 518-455-3511
• IDC Senator Carlucci - 518-455-2991
• IDC Senator Valesky - 518-455-2838
• Your State Senator

2. SHARE this image on social media, and POST or TWEET to get all of your friends to call:

"Fed up with voter suppression? Call Cuomo today 518-474-1041 to demand early voting & electronic pollbooks get a vote now #easyelectionsny"

3. CONTACT FRIENDS in the districts represented by Flanagan, DeFrancisco, Carlucci and Valesky and ask them to call in too!

New York is an embarrassment when it comes to fair and modern election laws and access to voting, we lag behind when we should be leaders in the nation. I’m calling to ask Governor Cuomo to MOVE S2950 Early Voting and S2788 Electronic Poll Books to the floor for a VOTE. Governor Cuomo says he supports these reforms, but hasn’t done anything to help them. Supporting a bill is not the same thing as passing a law. Will Cuomo push to move S2950 and S2788 to the floor for a vote this session? New Yorkers are sick of talk, we want to see action before June 21.
New York is an embarrassment when it comes to fair and modern election laws and access to voting, we lag behind when we should be leaders in the nation. I’m calling to ask [reps name] to MOVE S2950 Early Voting and S2788 Electronic Poll Books to the floor for a VOTE. Supporting a bill is not the same thing as passing a law. Will [Rep’s Name] move S2950 and S2788 to the floor for a vote this session? New Yorkers are sick of talk, we want to see action before June 21. 

Twitter & Facebook Storm

Tweet and Facebook post calling on Governor Cuomo and Senator Flanagan and ask them to MOVE S2950 & S2788 to the Senate floor for a VOTE!



"NYers deserve 21st century elections. @LeaderFlanagan @NYGovCuomo move S2950 & S2788 to the Senate floor for a vote! #EasyElectionsNY"

"NYers are waiting for basic democracy reforms! @LeaderFlanagan @NYGovCuomo move S2950 & S2788 to the Senate floor for a vote! #EasyElectionsNY"

"NY is one of only 13 states that doesn’t have Early Voting. @LeaderFlanagan @NYGovCuomo move S2950 & S2788 to the floor for a vote! #EasyElectionsNY"

OR Click to Tweet:



It’s time to bring NY’s elections into the 21st century and update our election laws written in the 1890s. There are 2 bills stuck in committee that would help to do just that. S2950 would finally bring early voting to New York, making it the 38th state. S2788 would allow counties to use electronic poll books, rather than printed ones, to make election day easier and faster for both voters and poll workers.

@GovernorAndrewCuomo says he supports these reforms, but hasn’t done anything to help them. @SenatorJohnFlanagan heads the Senate Rules Committee and controls which bills move to the floor for a vote.   

Like and share to send Cuomo & Flanagan a message:  MOVE S2950 & S2788 TO THE FLOOR FOR A VOTE. #EasyElectionsNY

Call or visit your rep to pass key bills!

There's no time like the present! This is the perfect time for you to call, make an appointment to lobby your rep, or simply drop by their district office to deliver a letter and our Easy Elections one-sheet

To see them in person, go to your rep's office, or call and ask what local event they'll be attending this week. Find more advice on our website. Whatever you do, bring along the one-sheet and make your concerns heard.

Your local reps aren't used to being lobbied by their own constituents, so your voice matters a lot - even 5 calls can make the difference on getting a law passed in NY! 


KEY BILLS WE NEED TO PASS - these are close!
2 bills have passed the NYS Assembly
and are 1 step away from getting to the Senate floor for a vote (they're stuck in Senate Rules Committee):

  • Early Voting - S2950 | A2064 - sets up an 8 day early voting period
  • Electronic Poll Books - A5547 | S2788 - allows counties to use electronic poll books instead of requiring printed roll books

2 more bills on Automatic Voter Registration have also passed the Assembly, but are stuck waiting to go to the Senate Elections Committee (both bills need to pass together):

  • A6283 (Walker) | S5114 (Avella) - Agency-assisted registration 
  • A5382 (Cusick) | S5115 (Avella) - Online voter registration

Advocates say this is the most progress they've seen on voting reform in years. But our chance to pass these laws in time for next year's midterm elections ends June 21st - only days left to make this happen!


1. CALL GOVERNOR CUOMO at 518-474-1041, select option 2


Majority Leader & Rules Chair John Flanagan
518-455-2071 | 631-361-2154
Rules Vice Chair John DeFrancisco 518-455-3511 | 315-428-7632
Elections Chair Fred Akshar 518-455-2677 | 607-773-8771
IDC members on Rules and Elections committees: 
David Carlucci 518-455-2991 | 845-623-3627
David Valesky 518-455-2838 | 315-478-8745
Tony Avella 518-455-2210 | 718-357-3094


I’m a NY resident from [city, zip]. I believe elections are the lifeblood of our democracy and it should be easy for New Yorkers to register & vote. It’s ridiculous that NY doesn’t have 1. Early Voting, 2. Automatic Voter Registration, 3. Electronic Poll Books, 4. that you have to change your party registration six months before a primary, 5. and that parolees can’t vote. Supporting a bill is not the same thing as passing a law. Will [Rep’s Name] advocate for passage of Easy Elections laws this year? We need more than just talk and bills, we need real laws this year to make elections easy and accessible for all New Yorkers.



No one knows your community like you do, so you're the best person to bring them into this conversation! Carry our informational one sheet with you to pass out, try tabling at a local event, have people sign our petition or write a letter. The more voices your rep hears from in their district, the more likely we are to get Easy Elections reforms this year. 

Write a letter to the editor

1. FIND YOUR LOCAL PAPER. You're not aiming for a national or state paper, every local paper is looking to hear from their local readers, and your rep's interns read these looking for their name. Use this list as a starting point.

2. WRITE A LETTER TODAY. Use our sample opinion piece or letter to the editor and info guide, but remember that the most persuasive argument is always the one you make in your own words, talking about your own experience. Remember to call out your State Senator and Assembly Member by name!

3. SEND US A LINK when it's published so we can share it!

*Since launching our website, two people have already gotten letters to the editor printed in the Legislative Gazette and the Daily Star. Write yours today so we can get them published in time to make change.

Educate & Spread The Word

1. READ the website and sign the petition.

2. SIGN UP for our weekly action email & follow us social media.  JOIN our facebook group and be part of the discussion.

3. MOST IMPORTANT: SHARE the site with your friends, neighbors & communities and spread the word on social media. Forward this email. Use these memes. Write letters to friends (sample here) and ask them to join in the fight.